I wanted to at least have a new article ready for an end-of-year update, but this old year has been very busy for me, and while I do have plenty of new work in progress, it's going to have to be just another batch of monsters this time! CURRENT COUNT: 383


MASCOT updated

Mascot rumbles along in secret and as I try to really pull the overall aesthetic of the world together, I decided a good portion of the cast needed redesigning. Nothing drastic, just endeavouring to make everything look a bit more grungey and monstrous.


I was hoping to update the website much sooner than this, since I've had a few dozen monsters sitting in my back pocket since last year. I've also updated the rules so everything's a lot simpler to work with! CURRENT COUNT: 338


ARTICLES page added

Since the Vault wasn't serving much of a purpose and I have many boring things to say about things, I've opened an articles page for my thoughts.

The first entry is all about my old character TANZ

(ALMOST) 20 YEARS of 2ND page added

I revisit the 2nd crew for the first time since 2015 and nearly 20 years after their inception!

What predictable choices have I made as I look over their entire design history so far?

PARODIUS page updated

The Parodius Character Card Project begins with the cast of the orignal arcade Parodius!

OTHER FAN ART page updated

A few more pieces added here. Some older, some newer, all appropriate pieces of artwork arranged and published in their corresponding website page so as to be accessed on demand at your leisure.


What's a Screwloose Studios update without some new Catcher Mall entries?

This time it's a whopping 43 new monsters added to the mix making for a total of 300!


PARODIUS page added

I told you I'd add a full Parodius page, didn't I?

A gallery dedicated to possibly my favourite game series, and one of the weirdest ones in game history.



A small update to miscellaneous Mascot artwork, primarily as a reason to include this year's Christmas picture! Merry Christmas!


A few of the late addition monsters didn't get the same level of iterative devlopment as the older designs so I've overhauled some and, of course, added some brand new ones!


WARIO LAND page added

A repository of all of my Wario Land artwork, which really only focusses on Captain Syrup and the pirates, but there is some exclusive work here you can't find anywhere else!

Updated MASCOT Monster designs

Still tweaking little parts of the Mascot project here and there, I devoted some time to some of the lesser monsters who weren't quite looking how I wanted them to.

Some even got new names!

Updated SMASH 151+

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate's roster finally complete, I was able to fill out the rest of my own project and connect the dots between the SMASH 150 and the NINTENDO COLLECTION

Updated OTHER FAN ART page with PARODIUS section

One of my favourite game series. It will probably get its own page eventually but for now I wanted to throw up some of my old artwork of it.



This website is brand new! But there are a lot of sections that need to be prettied up and plenty of things I still want to add in the future so when I make significant updates I'll detail them here and link directly to the new content (particularly useful for things like new Catcher Mall entries.)




Design History of Mascot

Design History of Professor Fandango

Design History of 2nd

Catcher Mall Rescued Monster Designs

My stupid obsession with Captain Syrup



My apologies, I am aware the several pages on the site don't display correctly in mobile view.

Unfortunately the tools that are available to me for mobile optimization don't allow a lot of customization at the moment so those pages will have to stay broken for the forseeable future.

Once I have the means to edit them properly I will do so!