Mascot is the troublesome tyke who serves as the mascot of Screwloose Studios.

He is a gremlin whose speciality is loosening screws to cause chaos!

I am currently working on a design document for a computer game starring this character.

A lot of that content is being kept under wraps for the time being, but I can at least introduce some of the characters!

The world of Mascot mixes the fantastical elements of monsters and demons with the mundanity of late twentieth century working class industry.

The main character is a gremlin who invades construction sites and uses his oversized screwdriver to dismantle the buildings before they can be completed.

The gameplay mixes genres (one of my secrets for now!) but is easy to understand.

It is my hope that the character designs and humour will be what give the game its personality, with a blend of dry British humour and good old fashioned cynicism!

But how will I make it? I don't know anything about making games!

Indeed, my best case scenario is that once my desgn document is complete I can talk to a few people with development knowledge and see where I stand in terms of viability and cost.

But there is also a part of me that has considered that I might just have to teach myself Unity and make the whole thing on my own!

As with most of my projects, the Mascot game idea became more ambitious the more excited I got about it, but it's still a pretty straghtforward idea that I think everybody will understand.

In order to separate development details in categories that are easier to understand, I'm putting together three separate documents:

The Scenario Book is the "beauty" document, detailing the main concepts, characters and scenarios.

This is essentially an art project in itself so it will hopefully be quite impressive once complete!

The Blueprint Book goes into more detail about nitty gritty game specifics such as enemy behavior and obstacle logic.

It also includes screenshots of games that are a direct influence so I can get it looking right.

The Manuscript Book is just the scripts.

I don't want it to be bloated but there will be a decent amount of dialogue so it's up to me to write it all and hopefully give it the humourous voice I am aiming for!