Spoony McSpoon's Very Useful Cookery Programme

Roast Chicken

Episode 1 - 2006

My very first proper cartoon (and it shows) is the introduction of Spoony McSpoon, unorthodox cooking utensil.

Dynamite Surprise

Episode 2 - 2007

A mere year after episode 1, Spoony is back to teach a tricky recipe, Dynamite Surprise.


Episode 3 - 2012

The Christmas Episode. Not content with cooking just one festive fowl, Spoony goes for the hattrick!

How to Draw...?


Episode 1 - 2007

As a public service I created a few drawing tutorials for artists of any ability.

In this one we tackle the beginning of life itself.


Episode 2 - 2007

Broadening the scope from mere figure drawing, this episode teaches you how to draw intricate machinery.


Episode 3 - 2019

Not even the animal kingdom is safe from the all-seeing eye of the life drawing student.