A Curious Endeavour


An adventure cartoon showing me and my good pal the musician Nick Capewell travelling the several seas in search of Things To See.

The Flamingo


A Halloween cartoon whose words parody "The Raven" and visuals parody "The Twilight Zone."
Neither do a very good job, but this is the first animated appearance of Mascot, before he was Mascot!



A music video I was commissioned to do for Wolverhampton based musician, Joe Karchud.

University Films

Lactose Intolerance


My final project for my university foundation course.

One man's quest for milk ends exactly the way you would expect it to.

Reginald P. Hobblegobble and the Case of the Missing Corpses


Perhaps my most beloved cartoon to the dozen people who have seen it, the eponymous detective Reginald investigates weird goings-on in a stately manor home!

The Palewater Caper


A first year university project wherein we were tasked with re-imagining the Jack & Jill nursery rhyme.

I had planned to make this in stop motion and even built puppets and props but things went sour and I had to rush out a 2D version in the end.

Tricks & Stones


My first full film using 3D software.

Two warring magicians tackle each other on stage.

The models came out nicely but the editing let it down.

A Markdown Orange


I don't recall the exact brief for this one, but it ended up simply being a short film.

My habit for getting too ambitious turned it into quite a long film so it ended up rather sparse.

The No-Chance Romance


My final film for university was fraught with problems from day one. Over the course of a year it turned into something completely different from what I had originally hoped so the significance of the plot is completely muddied. Some decent jokes though!


Scott Willetts Showtime Showcase


A small intro I made when presenting my uni work at the end of the first year.

The No-Chance Romance Teaser


A scene created for my final university film during development.

Based on the original storyboard, it is clearly superior to the final version but at least it will live on here, at the very bottom of the animation page!

E4 Sting


I threw my hat into the ring for the E4 channel's annual call for animated stings in 2011.

My hat was either not big enough or landed in the wrong place because I was not selected.

2nd Intro


I wanted to make a short series of silent cartoons featuring the cast of 2nd, and made this animated intro to accompany it.

I managed to make half of the first episode and never finished it. Maybe one day!

Screwloose Studios Ident


This is where Mascot truly became Mascot.

My first foray into 3D animation brought back a small incidental character whose significance grew greatly from this point on!