Easter Egg


Shazam! You've found the Easter Egg page!

I like to hide easter eggs in a lot of my media.

Sometimes this is what you would expect, with references and cameos from characters and places outside of a given project, but often it is actual, "physical" eggs that I hide in the background.

Almost every piece of animation I have ever made has an Easter Egg hidden in it somewhere (I'm infuriated to say 'almost,' because occasinally I forget!) so where do they all come from?

Why, they're laid by the legendary bird of Screwloose Mythos, Phantacia! (FAN-ta-SEE-ah)

She is modeled on some of the most colourful birds of the animal kingdom - Toucan, Flamingo, Peacock - and only the very blessed will catch a glimpse of her!

Or, you can find her in Catcher Mall. As a Screwloose Legendary I was reluctant to include her in Catcher Mall because this would imply there is more than one of her, but I also thought "stuff it, this is all fiction," and if there was ever to be an "Impossible Legendary" in Catcher Mall, Phantacia is a perfect fit for the role.

In the future I might expand this page detailing some of the eggs hidden through my other work, or include information about other Screwloose Legendaries, but for now I'm just going to let you sit here and appreciate your own skills of exploration and scrutiny!